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The Holy Land is home of most all of the faith based travel and tours.  A visit there is on many people’s “bucket list”. There is so much history to be observed and there are so many different historical sites to be visited. It is best to see the Holy Land through a guided land tour or a guided cruise excursion.  There are several faith-based cruises available that travel to various other destinations around the world.  Many of these cruises will have several top Christian leaders and scholars on board.  They will challenge passengers with very meaningful lectures andHaifa discussions.  These cruises include excellent itineraries and their main focus is on expanding passengers’ connection with Jesus Christ.

For many years, the largest number of Christian visitors to the Holy Land were followers of the various Protestant denominations. In recent years there has been more of the Roman Catholic churches that are also organizing trips to the Holy Land.  

For many Christian visitors, a visit to the Holy Land is the dream of a lifetime.

bible-and-hat-in-handMany Protestant Christians are familiar with the Old Testament.  They look forward to visiting many places that they learned about in Sunday School. Most Catholic visitors want to visit the different churches in Israel just like they do in France or Italy.  In fact, members of the Roman Catholic Franciscan Order have had a strong presence in the Holy Land since the 14th century. They are under Papal Order to maintain the many Christian Shrines that are in the Holy Land.

Ultimately, both Protestant and Catholic visitors to Israel leave with a renewed sense of faith.  They also have a new appreciation of the small country of Israel, its warm hospitality and its rich history.

Various land tours of the Holy Land include:holysepulchre-1024x768

  • Holy Land Classic
  • Catholic Pilgrimage
  • Jesus in Galilee
  • Journey through the Bible
  • Holy Land via Jordan
  • Holy Land via Turkey
  • Ireland and the Footsteps of St. Patrick
  • plus many more…..

**Each of these land tours is all-inclusive. 

There are a few things that you might be wondering about when considering a trip to the Holy Land.

Is it safe to travel abroad?  The land tours are guided by trained and certified professionals who have been safely leading these tours for more than 40 years.

How does it work if I am traveling alone?  Because of the guaranteed departure dates, individual travelers are permitted to travel with an already established group, if space allows.

What are the benefits of going on a land tour rather than a cruise-related excursion?  This is a matter of personalMen_praying_at_Western_Wall_tb_n010200 preference.  Land tours consist of scheduled daily tours and excursions.  Cruises have days-at-sea and excursions are all based from various ports-of-call.  Many of the faith-based cruises have guest speakers on board.  There may also include bible study, powerful worship and fun-filled fellowship.

Harshman Travel has been designated as a “Specialist” by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.  We are committed to helping you arrange a deeply spiritual and life-changing journey to the Holy Land. 



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