River Cruises – As Active or Relaxed as You Make it!

ship_amalegro_1What is River Cruising and how does it differ from Ocean Cruising?

River cruises offer the convenience and luxury of a deep-ocean cruise.  But they generally include  many sites and ports that you can enjoy.  You also have the freedom to step aboard and unpack once!

Why River Cruising?

  • With a river cruise, you are almost always in sight of land.  You alsoama-castles stop much more frequent than they do at sea. When a river cruise docks at a port, you are able to walk up the gangway and right into the town.  In most cases, the dock is located right at the heart of things.
  • Sitting on the top deck of your ship, enjoying the calm breeze, you can gaze on historic landscapes.  There are a lot of castles, villages and vineyards to see.
  • ama-poolYou have all of the comforts of a modern five-star hotel.  There may be restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness facilities, spas, internet access and very comfortable staterooms located on the decks below.
  • River cruise ships are much smaller than ocean ones so they can navigate through narrow waterways.  You will be able to visit ports that the big ships can’t get to.
  • The average river cruise ship is built to carry less than 250 guest passengers.  Because of the small size, passengerstrafalgar-stripe1-448x236 spend more quality time with the other people on board.  They often leave the cruise with new life-long friendships. 
  • River cruises focus on guided tours to historic and cultural sites.  They also visit local attractions, museums, galleries and other points of interest.  There is less focus on onboard entertainment.  Rather than all of the shows, casinos, discos and rock climbing walls, you can expect to find smallerresize performances.  Residents of the towns and villages that you are visiting come onboard to perform. You not only get to see the act, you also have the opportunity to speak directly with the performers.
  • A variety of local tours at each port provides a good portion of the entertainment for guests on a river cruise.  These tours are included in the all-inclusive fees.  Thet are. likely to include guided excursions examining each area’s local art, history, cuisine and/or wine.
  • When you are on a river cruise, you are likely to be AmaWaterways-Budapest-market-1-e1335324866220offered cuisine from wherever you are visiting.  You may even have the opportunity to accompany the chefs into the local markets.  Often, that is where they purchase the ingredients that you will be enjoying for dinner.
  • European cruises are the most popular river cruise.  Itineraries in Asia, Africa and North America are quickly becoming very popular.  The annual passenger rate increase over the past few years has been bigger with river cruises than the cruise industry as a whole.


See our Photo Gallery for pictures of our European Cruise.

Regardless of whether you are considering an ocean or a river cruise, there are many different cruise lines to choose from.  You will also have a choice of ships, destinations and itineraries. Our job at Harshman Travel is to work closely with you and assist you in choosing the best cruise to meet your wants, needs and wishes.  

Harshman Travel is proud to have completed special training and been certified as a “Specialist” by the various cruise lines that we represent.  

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