For our LGBTmarket_girlfriend travelers who are planning either to get married or simply enjoy a memorable vacation…


We have packages that are sure to please! How does the gorgeous sun and sand of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Hawaii sound??  Perhaps, a boyfriend or girlfriend getaway to a fun-filled ski destination is more to your liking.  A visit to Tel Aviv, Israel might also be of interest.  It is one of the 10 most visited vacation sites for American members of the LGBT community.  Harshman Travel has been designated as a “Specialist” by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.  We can be especially helpful to you in securing the best arrangements for your planned vacation. We have listed just some of the most popular LGBT-friendly vacation destinations.riviera-maya

There are several things you will want to consider during the planning phase or your trip.

What is the purpose for your trip?  Looking for  a vacation spot versus a wedding venue will play a major role in determining your options.

If vacationing, where do you want to go?   There are LGBT-friendly all-inclusive resorts all over the world.

If getting married, will it be just the two of you or will there be guests traveling with you? You will need to consider this when choosing a resort. The wedding/reception facilities vary in the number of guests they can LGBT1accommodate (anywhere from 12 to 25 to over 125 guests).

**Please Note: We do not recommend booking a wedding outside of the USA without assistance. A Certified Travel Agent can help with the various legal requirements that must be met in different countries.

What amenities are you wanting at your resort?   EachGay_Cancun_resort resort has different amenities when it comes to their offerings.  Some include live entertainment, water activities, off-property excursions, spa facilities and even different restaurant cuisines.

Do you have specific dates in mind?  There can be significant price differences for the exact same vacation taken on different dates.  We can help with the research for dates that fit your budget and schedule.

Do you prefer a smaller, more intimate resort or a larger, more populated one?  Most of the smaller resorts focus on romance and the personal touch, while larger resorts generally offer more variety and amenities.lgbt3

These are just some of the questions that we will discuss with you.  We want to assist you in finding the perfect resort that will give you the atmosphere and activities you desire!

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Contact us directly with any questions you have.  Allow us to find the most appropriate arrangements to “Make Your Vacation Dreams Come True!”




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