TERMS & CONDITIONS

Harshman Enterprises, LLC (Harshman Travel) is pleased to have been appointed as an official representative of Royal Way Travel for the arranging and offering of specific Land Tours in South Africa and surrounding countries. Royal Way Travel is a well-established Land Tour company based in Cape Town, South Africa.  They provide all of the arrangements for the Land Tour portion of our offerings.

In order to facilitate travel for its clients, Harshman Travel also arranges the specific Air Package that accompanies each Land Tour in order to provide air transportation from the USA to South Africa and return as well as all of the accompanying air transportation within Africa.

Pricing for the entire Air Package and Land Tour is contained in our advertisements and the schedule of required payments is outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

All Tour Reservations should be made well in advance as many lodges are limited in size and some sell out very quickly. In addition, some of the internal flights within Africa have limited schedules and passenger limits. To ensure your first choice of accommodations and schedules, it is important to book your reservations as early as possible.


All published fares are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until Air Package booking is paid in full and tickets are issued by the air carrier.

In the event that cancellation is necessary and made any time prior to the scheduled departure, the air carrier charges a $350.00 penalty per passenger.

If cancellation is made after the scheduled departure or if there is a “no show”, the tickets are non-refundable and non-upgradeable.

If it is necessary to make date or flight changes prior to the initial departure, there is the $350.00 penalty plus charges for any differences in the fares for the new flights.


In order to book your space for any Tour, a non-refundable deposit, in the amount of 15% of the total Land Tour Cost, is required and must be made at the time of booking.

The entire Land Tour Cost must be paid, in full, no later than 25 days prior to the Tour Commencement Date.

All payments must be in US Currency and can be made by approved credit card, certified check or bank transfer made directly to Harshman Enterprises, LLC.

All paid monies pertaining to the Land Tour, over and above the non-refundable 15% deposit, are FULLY REFUNDABLE up to 26 days prior to the Tour Commencement Date.

There shall be no refunds for missed meals or services, absence from all or part of a Tour or any unused hotel accommodation.

In the event of any cancellation made after 25 days prior to the Tour Commencement Date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the confirmed Land Tour Cost shall be applicable.

If Royal Way Travel is notified of a necessary cancellation within the 25 days prior to the Tour Commencement Date, a good faith attempt shall be made by Royal Way Travel to have a portion of the paid monies applied to a future booking of any Tour.

In the event of any individual service vendor (e.g. specific lodging facility) having a more stringent deposit/cancellation policy than stipulated herein, client shall be advised of any necessary adjustments to the required deposit/cancellation terms and conditions.

Please note that Royal Way Travel does not require a minimum number of participants for their Tours. Even solo travelers are welcomed. If you are travelling solo and wish to share a room, Royal Way Travel shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate your request.

Both Royal Way Travel and Harshman Travel strongly recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance once you have booked your Tour. Since you will have paid for the total Air Package and a deposit on the Land Tour, it will be important to protect your investment at that time. Appropriate travel insurance will protect you with a variety of benefits including, but not limited to, travel interruption, trip cancellation, illness, injury, loss of property and the like. Harshman Travel will work with you in order to assist you in securing the most appropriate coverage available from our preferred travel insurance provider, TravelSafe Insurance.

All Royal Way Travel Tour Prices include the following:

** Accommodations, as specified in the itinerary, will be provided in hotels, lodges and camps, based on two persons sharing a room with private bath or shower. We may substitute hotels, camps and lodges when we consider it to be necessary or appropriate. All service charges and taxes for all accommodations are included.

** Single Accommodation is available at the cost indicated in the Land Tour listings. As stated above, if you are travelling solo and want to share a room, we shall attempt to fulfill your request. If a single room must be utilized due to the unavailability of a roommate or a roommate cancellation, the single room supplement shall be charged. 

** All transfers between airports, rail stations, motor coach terminals and hotels are provided, when specified. Transfers include up to two pieces of luggage per person. Airlines might be more restrictive with regards to the luggage allowances that they allow and travelers are always subject to their restrictions.

** With all of our sightseeing arrangements, as specified in each itinerary, we always plan to use the most modern, comfortable transportation that is available in each specific locality. We always utilize English speaking drivers and tour guides.

Items Not Covered in the Royal Way Travel Land Tour Prices include:

** Land Tour Only prices do not include any airfares to and from South Africa as well as flights within South Africa (these are included in the Air Package), costs involved to obtain passports, visas, inoculations, excess baggage charges, any items of a personal nature such as drinks, snacks, laundry, phone calls and cables, Internet, paid TV entertainment, meals not specified in the itinerary, medicines, personal and baggage insurance, local airport taxes and any tips to waiters, hotel staff, game rangers, sightseeing drivers and/or guides.

** Any and all tips to tour guides, waiters, hotel staff, baggage handling and game rangers are not included and they are totally at the discretion of the Land Tour participant.

** Please note that neither Royal Way Travel nor Harshman Travel charge any fees for Tour planning, preparation, marketing and/or operational costs. After confirmation of the selected Land Tour is made and the Land Tour Fee has been paid, in full, there shall be no increase in any charges to the Land Tour participant.

** In case there are requested or required revisions to the confirmed itinerary, we shall do everything in our power to accommodate any of the new requirements but we cannot always guarantee that the requested changes will be possible.

** There are also never any additional charges for “late booking”.


** Airline Baggage Limits: All airlines limit the number, size (dimensions) and weight of both carry-on and checked baggage.  Some airlines might charge extra fees for checked baggage.  The limits and fees and circumstances vary by airline, country, domestic or international flight, airplane size and type and other factors. These restrictions can change from time-to-time. It is the Tour participant’s responsibility to check with the air carriers in their itinerary for current baggage restrictions and fees. On small chartered flights within Africa, additional luggage restrictions apply. Any of the known details will be outlined for you in your Tour documents.

** Passport, Visa, Inoculation, Insurance: Passports are always required for international travel. Visas are required for travel to some areas. Many Countries also have specific immunization requirements. These requirements vary by Country and they can change. It is the Tour participant’s responsibility to know and abide by any governmental requirements regarding their travel. Neither Royal Way Travel nor Harshman Travel shall be responsible for any delay or denial of entry due to the Tour participant’s inability to satisfy any entry requirements or any entry authority’s questioning or refusal to accept participant’s proof of meeting entry requirements.

** Both Royal Way Travel and Harshman Travel welcome guests with special needs or disabilities. Guests must inform us, in advance and as early as possible, of any physical, medical or other special needs that will require special accommodation. When necessary, we shall always do our best to make reasonable modifications to our policies, practices and procedures unless doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of our services.

** Each Tour participant must ensure that they and any other participants who are under their care and control are both medically and physically able to travel. In the interests of the safety of all Tour participants, Royal Way Travel must impose specific safety requirements. If it is determined that an individual’s participation would pose a direct threat to their health or safety or that of other participants, that could not be eliminated by reasonable modification of our policies, practices or procedures or by the provision of auxiliary aids and services, we might have to exclude that individual from participating in travel or from a specific activity. Any decision to exclude an individual shall always be based on an individualized assessment using reasonable judgment that relies on current medical evidence or the best available objective evidence to determine the nature, duration and severity of the risk, probability that potential injury will occur and whether or not reasonable modifications of policies, practices or procedures would lower the risk.

** Some guided Tours might include rough terrain, walking over unpaved or uneven pavement, steps, locations which might not be easily accessible or not accessible by wheelchair as well as contain bumps and other challenging conditions. Royal Way Travel shall always advise Tour participants of these conditions.

** Royal Way Travel neither employs nor provides medical personnel. Any needed medical attention must be sought at a local facility, if available, and at the Tour participant’s personal expense.

** Royal Way Travel is neither responsible nor liable for any loss or costs incurred due to the unavailability of medical services, the inability to obtain or any delay in obtaining medical services, the medical services themselves and/or the level of care or services received, if any.

** For different parts of the Royal Way Travel Tours, specific arrangements are made with various carriers, hotels and other independent suppliers. All suppliers are independent entities over which Royal Way Travel does not have any control. 

** When services and accommodations listed and described in any itinerary cannot be supplied or, if the itinerary is changed due to delays or other causes of any kind or nature beyond Royal Way Travel’s control, Royal Way Travel might seek to supply comparable services, accommodations and/or itineraries.  There shall be no refunds required to be made under these circumstances.


Royal Way Travel always reserves the right to make changes to any itinerary and/or to cancel any Tour if, in the sole opinion of Royal Way Travel, such change or cancellation is necessary. In the event of such change or cancellation, Royal Way Travel shall bear no liability for such changes or cancellations.

Royal Way Travel shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to any luggage before, during or after the Tour.

Royal Way Travel, Harshman Travel, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Subcontractors of provided services act only as agents for the supplier(s) regarding your travel, whether by plane, car, motor-coach, ship, railroad or other transportation mode and shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, additional expense, accident, delay, schedule change or any other irregularity experienced by Tour participant.

Each Tour participant acknowledges that they are voluntarily participating in the Tour being arranged by Royal Way Travel and that they are solely at risk and responsible for any untoward events and/or costs that might arise, some of which are listed in #3 above. These might occur as a result of the use of or defect in any vehicle, an act of war, insurrection, civil or military uprising, strike, weather, a natural disaster, an act of terror, an act of God, an act of Government or any other act of occurrence, default or omission.

It is recognized and acknowledged that additional risks and dangers might arise as a result of traveling in undeveloped areas, forces of nature, differing levels of sanitation and safety, water, food, plants, insects, differing animal regulations and traveling in areas lacking means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Although this is not an exhaustive list of potential risks and dangers, it does contain examples of the types of issues that might arise during a Tour in South Africa. Royal Way Travel shall always operate in a manner that provides Tour participants with as safe and controlled an environment as possible.

In consideration of entering into an agreement with Royal Way Travel to participate in travel and Tours arranged by them, Tour participants agree to not make any claims against Royal Way Travel, Harshman Travel, Travel Agents and/or their respective personnel for bodily injury, emotional trauma, property loss or damage or any other loss, cost or expense, however caused, as a result of or relating to participating in any Royal Way Travel sponsored Tour.

This Release of Liability and assumption of risk is binding on all Tour participants, their heirs, legal representatives and/or assigns.

Both Harshman Travel and Royal Way Travel want to ensure that all Tour participants enjoy a fabulous South African experience and we shall do our very best to answer all of your questions and make the most appropriate accommodations for your travel and Tour.

Royal Way Travel representatives are available 7 days per week and 24 hours per day to assist all Tour participants. From the time of arrival in South Africa until the time of departure, Tour participants are escorted by Royal Way Travel personnel and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Country.



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